Superbowl Monday Blues – And a Blue Crochet Pattern

I love football. Really. Watching football is one of my favorite pastimes and it goes so well with crocheting. Most of my Sundays are spent going to church, then flopping down on my couch with a project and watching 7 hours of Red Zone.

I’m a Cowboys fan, and my husband is a Bears fan. More importantly than our team affiliation, though, is Fantasy Football. We’re founding members of our league, and I’ve managed to lose in the championship for three years running now.

So whenever the Superbowl comes, regardless of who’s playing, I cook a bunch of food and get excited. We either go to someone’s house, or host a party of our own and enjoy a few hours of food, friendship, and football.

Then, Monday morning comes… And no, I’m not hungover. I’m just reminded that football season is now officially over and I have 6 long months to go before pre-season. 6 months with no excuse to become a couch potato for several hours at a time. I get the Superbowl Monday Blues.

So, for this week’s pattern, I decided to go blue. After all, what better way to chase away the Superbowl Monday Blues than with crocheting!

Baby Bonnet Time

I recently reviewed Knit Pick’s Alpaca Cloud lace weight yarn and knew right away that this yarn needs to be made into something wearable.

With a niece on the way, I kept seeing super cute baby bonnets. I thought it would be fun to find a vintage doily pattern for the back of the bonnet and then do a simple HDC for the sides.

That being said, it’s taking a little longer to work up than I anticipated, so I’m going to share with you a work in progress as well as a really awesome website that I used to help me create this project!

So many vintage patterns!

Check out While it might not be the fanciest of websites, it has SO many vintage patterns. I could get lost on this website for ages. In fact, I did this morning when I started this endeavor. I tried out several doily patterns before I found one that I thought worked for my concept. I ended up going with Simplicity Doily #7213.

Modern Crochet Baby Bonnet - Free crochet pattern from Modern Crochet.

When I took this picture I had already started working on the sides. I used two strands of Alpaca Cloud held together and a Size E Clover Amour hook (Get the whole set here.) to give the bonnet a little more coverage. My first attempts used only one strand, and I felt the finished product was TOO lacy for this use. Perhaps if you went down to a very small hook, but ain’t nobody got time for that.

I completed the doily through round 5. To make a larger bonnet for older children, you can just add more rounds to the doily!

That’s all for today, folks. How did you beat the Superbowl Monday blues?

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