The Best Kinds Of Mornings (And an Alpaca Yarn Review)

Do you ever have those mornings where you feel like you’ve gotten a million things accomplished by 10 am? Today has been one of those days.

Now keep in mind, I have an equal number of mornings where I’m not even out of BED until 10 am…but I digress.

My new work schedule allows me two mornings off during the week and maybe it’s the coffee talking, but I am LOVING it! I combined my free morning today with my new camera (which, by the way, I got the Canon EOS T6i

and I highly recommend it!) to take some new photos for my Etsy shop.

Tripod + Self Timer = No need to rope a friend into modeling! Unfortunately, it was cold enough that I didn’t get too many photos in before my fingers froze. Also unfortunately, I don’t look like Tyra Banks and definitely don’t know how to “smize”. Still…something is accomplished!

As far as this week’s yarn review, I think I’m getting spoiled.

Around Christmas time, I was using my need to make Christmas gifts, combined with sales, to give myself an excuse to buy some stuff I wouldn’t normally buy. You see, I’m definitely one of those “champagne taste, beer budget” type of gals. This means my usual yarn purchases are limited to Michael’s with my 40% off coupon. Luckily, there are so many GREAT yarns available at Michael’s and other craft stores now (thank you Caron Cakes!) that this isn’t a problem. It does mean, however, that I use primarily acrylic blend yarns.

I’ve been hearing great things about alpaca, but was never able to find any pure alpaca yarns. I’m sure I could if I went into my LYS, but I know I’d spend a million dollars and I don’t have a million dollars, so instead I checked out Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud.

The Stats

Fiber: 100% Baby Alpaca

Yardage: 440 (50g)

Weight: Lace

Recommended Hook: B up to E

Care Instructions: Hand wash, Lay flat to dry

Cost: $6.79 (less than 2 cents a yard)

My Thoughts

I’m in love. This yarn is so soft and airy I just want to keep touching it! I haven’t worked much with lace weight yarn, but I think I’ll be addicted after this.

The yarn has a little halo on it, just enough to give it an etheral look. I used a swift and ball winder to easily put it into a ball since it comes hanked. I would not recommend trying to put this into a ball by hand as it would be time consuming and tedious. The yarn is very slippery!

The size hook to use will vary by the finished look you want. I have been using a size E hook to work up a shawl and I wouldn’t go any bigger than that.

I’ll be adding some patterns in a later post along with an original pattern.

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