Yarn Review – Julie Asselin and Yarn Crush Subscription Box

I have amazing friends. I know everyone probably thinks that, but I really do. So for my most recent birthday, I was gifted a Yarn Crush subscription box.

I’ve never done a subscription box before, so this was an awesome surprise. The box included an absolutely GORGEOUS skein of hand-dyed yarn, a digital scale to weigh yarn (and avoid playing yarn chicken), and both a knit and crochet pattern suited for the included yarn.

The quality of the yarn is exceptional, and I think that alone made the subscription box worthwhile. I use a kitchen scale for my yarn usually, but I do like that this scale is small and I can fit it in my project bag for when I’m on-the-go. The patterns were nice, but the included crochet pattern wasn’t quite my style. I think it would be nice if you could specify knit or crochet prior to getting the box and they would include two different styles of patterns for that craft. All in all, I would definitely consider this subscription box in the future as a nice way to discover new yarns and treat myself to a special treat.


The yarn was Hektos from Julie Asselin in Pinky Promise. The color is a pale purple with bursts of deeper shades. It is one of the softest yarns I have ever had the joy of working with. Seriously, I couldn’t stop touching it!

While I’m not going to go into TOO many details about what I’m going to be making with it (that will be coming in a future blog post), I will say that it works up well with a variety of stitches.


The Stats

Fiber: 75% Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk

Yardage: 200 yards (115g)

Weight: Worsted

Recommended Hook: none – recommends a US 8 knitting needle. I would recommend an H or I for most projects.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water

Cost: $34 (17 cents a yard)

My Thoughts

Pure. Heaven. Seriously, this yarn is amazing. It is perfectly spun to give it a good “bounce”. When worked up, the yarn has a great drape to it. I immediately wanted to work up something that I would wear with this yarn because it just needs to be against your skin with its silk and cashmere softness.

The pops of darker color would look even more amazing when knit. However, as a crocheter I think that it lends itself to a simpler stitch to really show off the various tones. I played around with several lacy stitches and it looked good no matter what I did.

It’s probably good for my pocket that the yarn maker is based out of Canada, because I would definitely grab a skein (or three!) more to make myself a luxurious sweater. It is available online through several partner shops. Check out the website for more information.


I will be limiting my patterns to those that can be made with only one skein of the yarn. These patterns would all be perfect for that special skein that you were gifted for Christmas!

The Glacier Beanie

Pattern Cost: $5

Photo Courtesy of Woods and Wool

Yardage: 190-220

Total Project Cost: $39

Skill Level: Beginner

I’ve been wanting to make this hat since I saw Woods and Wool post it on Instagram a couple of months ago. I think this yarn would suit the simple and modern design perfectly. I think it would look even better with a white faux fur pom pom on top!


Banjo Crop Top

Pattern Cost: $5

Yardage: 130-190

Total Project Cost: $27-$39

Skill Level: Intermediate

Wool in the summer? When it comes to this yarn, I say yes! Plus this color will look great against your summer tan. It would be the perfect item for lounging on the beach or going to a music festival.


Fingerless Mittens

Pattern Cost: Free Ravelry Download!

Yardage: 105-131

Total Project Cost: $18-$23

Skill Level: Beginner

While you could work up any fingerless mittens with this yarn, this pattern’s simplicity will really show off the colors. You could even do part of the mittens in a coordinating color and maybe get two pairs!

What’s your favorite luxury yarn? Have you ever done a yarn subscription box?

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