Learn to Crochet

Are you looking at my blog or the plethora of crochet patterns on Pinterest and saying “I wish I could do that…”

The good news is you can!

Check out my YouTube Channel for easy to follow tutorials.

I also have many free patterns available throughout my blog. If you are having difficulty with any part of the patterns, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

Learn to crochet with Modern Crochet. Lessons, tutorials, and easy to follow videos.

Need more?

If you are local to me, I offer private crochet lessons for children and adults. Please contact me for more information or pricing.

Project SOS

Stuck on a pattern? Made a mistake and you can’t figure out how to fix it? Never fear! Modern Crochet is here!

Even the best pattern makers are sometimes not clear. I will look over the pattern you’re having difficulty on and help you through the tough spots. If possible, send me a PDF of the pattern and describe your problem ahead of time. Depending upon the problem, I may be able to help remotely if you’re not local to me.

Learn to Crochet for Adults

I will provide the materials. These lessons can be for 1-4 people and will walk you through the basics from holding your yarn and hook, to chaining and single and double crochet. I will get you started on a small project, such as a washcloth and offer follow up lessons if desired.

Learn to Crochet for Kids

Similar to my adult class, but we will use a chunky yarn and hook. This class will focus on proper crochet form and chaining. There will be instruction on achieving proper tension and how to fix mistakes. Follow up lessons to learn single, half double, and double crochet stitches can be arranged.

Intermediate Crochet for Adults

I will provide the materials. These lessons can be for 1-4 people. During this lesson, I will teach you how to crochet in the round. We will apply this skill to a small project such as a coffee cup cozy or a hat.

Intermediate Crochet for Kids

This class will focus on single and double crochet. Kids will create a small, flat project such as coasters or a wash cloth.

Still feel overwhelmed?

Check out my Etsy Shop to purchase finished crochet items. Custom orders are welcomed!