About Modern Crochet

When people see me crocheting in public, the usual responses I get are “My grandmother used to crochet!” or “I didn’t know people still did that.” or (my personal favorite) “I wish I knew how to knit…”.

Crochet often brings to mind images of doilies, zig zag afghans, and the quintessential beer hat from the 1970s.


If this is what you think of when you hear someone say, “I’m a crocheter”, be prepared. This is NOT your grandmother’s crocheting blog.

I learned to crochet when I was a kid. I’ve been crocheting on-and-off since then, but I’ve really dedicated myself to this passion in the last few years. There are so many AMAZING yarns available these days. In addition, the internet has provided me with inspiration with everything from color palettes to patterns to new stitches and techniques. I think that crochet is a beautiful art form that deserves a place in modern society.


With this blog, I hope to share the knowledge that I have learned. I want to combine my teaching experience with my craft to provide tutorials for even the youngest of learners (crochet is PERFECT for kids!). I also want to share how I find inspiration in combining vintage patterns with modern colors and styles. Finally, I want to showcase some of the amazing yarns that are on the market (both commercial brands and indie dyes) and provide my fellow crocheters with inspiration to get your creative juices pumping.

This blog is a work in progress, but I will hopefully be updating it at least twice a week.

I love taking vintage things and making them new again, so I’ll be featuring different vintage crochet patterns and updating them for the modern world.

I’ll also be reviewing various yarns and rounding up the best patterns for each yarn.

Finally, I’ll be featuring tutorials and patterns for all skill levels to pass on this wonderful art form.

You can also check out my Etsy shop for finished products made by myself. In the future, I’ll be listing PDF downloads of patterns and tutorials as well.

Some of my posts will contain affiliate links. These links provide me with a small percentage of your purchase. This helps support my blog and allow me to provide you with free content and patterns. Using affiliate links does not cost you anything extra and I will only link to products that I actually use and endorse.

About Me


A year ago, I started my Etsy shop to share my handmade items with others. I really love what I do and every time I send out a package, it’s like I’m sending my baby off into the world. I love teaching as well and I want to ensure that this art form is around for many generations to come.

When I’m not crocheting, I’m working as a children’s librarian, watching football with my husband, or reading a book cuddled up with my puppy.

This blog will occasionally feature products or patterns available in my shop and I would love for you to visit! However, the purpose of this blog is more educational than promotional.

Pick up your hook and help me keep crochet modern!

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